Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has looked at/followed/commented on my blog this past year, your support is much appreciated and made me keep writing. Unfortunately I probably won’t be publishing any more entries any time soon, but you never know, maybe I’ll be back in the future.. 

I’d also like to thank Heidi for her constant patience and support. It was incredibly generous for you to make time every Wednesday to see me, and to stand by me through my struggles. But most of all, I am so grateful for the invaluable knowledge that you shared; you are extraordinary at what you do! 

In conclusion, I feel that I can now say I understand how a pair of shoes is made, something that I had no idea about at the beginning of the year. It’s funny to look back at my very first post (‘Shoe gazing; are they more than we realised?’) and see just how oblivious I was to the art. I am going to miss shoemaking immensely, and although I definitely had my struggles with it, they were what made the final products worthy. As something that we so often take for granted, I see now that perhaps some people have never had the opportunity to appreciate their shoes. By going right to the source, I feel that I am somewhat more conscious, and therefore appreciative. 



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