Inserting the heel stiffeners..

Inserting the heel stiffeners..

Now it was time to put in the heel stiffeners which had been soaking in water. The first thing to do was make a little rectangular cut out of their curved side in the middle, so that there was room for the end of the zip to move. Then, normal white glue was put onto the shiny side of the stiffener, and sitting down, with the upper and lining between my legs, the stiffener was inserted in between the two, as shown in the photo. Next, glue was put between the stiffener and the lining and all three were pressed into place. The whole ensemble was then put onto the last, and sat on the ‘pole’ before being rubbed right and left and pulled towards the last at the same time for a little while in order for bits of leather to not be caught up, and to make sure that all three were sitting together nicely. (*please note that the last two steps aren’t shown in the photo)


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