‘Edging the Wedge’….

'Edging the Wedge'....

After glueing the last piece of the wedge and the platform on, I begun sanding around them, attempting to make them as straight edged as possible. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and there were many times where I thought I was doing it pretty straight at the sander, and then I’d test it with a right angle and it would be totally off! However, after lots of adjusting and checking, the edges were smoothed to the correct shape all around. It was also important to check how flat the wedge was sitting at this point, and although it needs to be relatively flat on the ground, a bit of leeway is okay because it allows for movement in this kind of shoe. After testing out how the actual shoes on the lasts sat on top of the wedge, a bit of ‘hollowing out’ was done to get them as close as possible.


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