Deciding on the lasts for my boots…

Deciding on the lasts for my boots...

This week was also time for me to decide on what last, and essentially toe shape, I wanted to use for my boots. I had plenty of ideas and strange words that described what I wanted them to look like, yet when it came to actually selecting the right last, I found it terribly hard. Eventually, and after much searching (thanks Heidi!), these lasts shown in the picture were found. I really like the toe shape of them because they’re ‘not too round and not too pointy’. But a really good advantage of using these lasts was that they were already build up to almost exactly my measurements. The only thing was that there was an allowance for a bunion on them and so this needed to be sanded off, and a tiny build up added on one of the lasts to make them even. I also added the white build ups over the tops of the foot, but this was easily done by transferring them from the lasts that I used for my flats. After being sanded to shape and measurement, these lasts are ready for me to use.


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