Building the layers of the wedge

Building the layers of the wedge

Going down Heidi’s place this week worried me a little, because I knew I would have to try my wedges on yet again, and see whether the adjustments had been successful. To my absolute delight, and shock, they fit surprisingly really well! Although there is still an slight bit of extra room where the toes sit, it isn’t really that noticeable and doesn’t feel strange. They also fit really well without any ‘squeezing’ over the top of my foot, and luckily, any of the creases that I hadn’t fixed when lasting disappeared when the shoes were on my feet. Finally I was able to continue their progress rather than keep stepping back to fix things, and this meant I keep building the wedge which I had started the week before. Basically I spent the afternoon building up layers in the correct shape of the wedge. Before adding the second layer of material and shaping it to the last, I sanded the edge of it that was closer to the toe till there was almost nothing there, and gradually eased the slope into the rest of the material (seems harder than it should to explain!). Then I cut out more material, did two layers of glue and heated it, stuck it together and used the sole press to make sure that the two suctioned together without any gaps.


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