The beginning of sewing the uppers…

The beginning of sewing the uppers...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the end of my project is drawing closer and closer and therefore it is important for me to make sure I keep progressing with my shoes in order for them to be completed in the time frame that I have left. Therefore, last week I went down to Heidi’s for a Saturday session and started sewing together the uppers of my boots. As I mentioned in ‘Skiving’, I’ve decided to do a number of outward seams which in turn create a very different effect in terms of the way the boot looks, yet still doesn’t stand out too much. At first when making this decision I was slightly nervous because I wasn’t sure how this would appear, however after actually sewing it all together (and undoing some parts and re-doing them numerous times) I realised that I was incredibly happy with the way that they turned out! To actually sew these pieces of the upper together was harder than I first realised as it was some of the angles of the seams were slightly strange, and the alignment of the seams would be incredibly noticeable as a result. Therefore, to make sure that the seams aligned properly, the edges of the pieces that needed to be joined were ‘tacked’ together on the machine, and all I then had to do was keep them even and straight. Once the pieces were sewn together, the seams were ‘pushed through’ to be flattened out and hammered to achieve the desired effect.


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