Adjusting my platform wedge last

Adjusting my platform wedge last

Last Wednesday was the second allocated project day of term 3 and so I went down to Heidi’s to continue working on my platform wedges. Last time I had left them I was slightly worried because after numerous adjustments they still hadn’t fit. The toe was too wide and open especially on the outer side of the foot and upper was too tight over the top of my foot. Therefore I needed to adjust the last, as just changing the location of the upper hadn’t solved the problem like I first thought it might. Luckily, Heidi had some pieces of material lying around that were already shaped to a last shape that I could glue onto my last in order to make the shape big enough to fit my foot (shown in the picture). After adding these pieces on, it was interesting to observe that they made the measurement of the last the same as what my foot is. I find it to be a really odd thing in shoemaking, sometimes the measurements, although seeming to be right in the first place, change as you continue making the shoe…(Okay, I know it’s my own inattentiveness!)
Anyhow, I added these pieces and sanded both sides of the build ups on either side of the foot down to a smaller measurement.


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