Boot Design..

Boot Design..

This Wednesday was the first Project day of term 3 and I guess you could say that it was when I first started to feel more pressure about the completion of my shoes. In order to finish my platform wedges and my boots in time for the presentation/exhibition night and thesis hand up, I need them both done in the next few months, however one half day a week of shoemaking ends up being a lot less time than you first realise. Therefore, in order to keep moving forward I went down to Heidi’s place this past Wednesday amid trying to read Crime and Punishment to keep working on them and hopefully move forward. I tried on my adjusted platform wedges, however they were still too wide at the side of the outer toes and too tight across the top of the foot, so after noting down where the last needed to be adjusted, we decided to leave them be for the week and instead focus on my boots. In the last week of the holidays I had finally come up with a design for my boots that I was happy with, and had drawn this onto the master pattern. At Heidi’s place I made the seam lines definite in black pen as the photo shows and from that I went on to create my patterns.


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