The master pattern..

The master pattern..

This week it was also necessary to begin my knee length boots as time is quickly running and boots are noticeably more time consuming than most other shoes to make. In order to begin the process of making my boots, I needed to create a ‘master pattern’ which I could then draw the specifics of the boot pattern onto. Pattern making is something that I have struggled with so far in shoemaking as I guess it is the real ‘technical side’ of the trade. The best way to actually understand the whole pattern making thing was to just follow the steps of George Koleff’s book, and although some parts I found slightly confusing, taking it step by step and with the occasional help from Heidi, I found the steps to be quite understandable and self explanatory. After completing the master pattern it was then time to actually add the details of what I wanted my boot to be like. However, this is something that I’m currently struggling with. This boot will probably be my last pair of shoes for my project and therefore I really want them to be how I want them to be! At the moment I am still trying to decide on the details..


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