Going back down to Heidi’s place at the start of the week I knew that it would be time to try on my platform wedges (after the tacks had been taken out and the upper glued down) and I was slightly nervous! Upon trying them on, we realised that they were slightly too long at the front and that they were quite tight over the top of the foot. Because of this, it was sadly necessary to pull them apart and adjust them. I actually find it quite strange pulling apart shoes as I’m always nervous that I’ll accidentally rip the leather, however it wasn’t as fatal as I thought it might be.. After taking off the upper and back piece, I needed to pull the cover off the insoles, sand them back and recover them. However, this was easier said than done, because the foam that had been added for comfort had stuck terrible well onto the underside of the leather. We adjusted the lengths of the insoles by standing on them, and then I sanded them on the sander to the correct adjusted shape. Then, after sanding some of the foam down off the leather and re-glueing the cover onto the insole, I adjusted the places of the upper to be slightly further back before tacking them on.


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