Lasting the upper..

Lasting the upper..

The next step after lasting the back piece and stiffener was to last the upper which would sit over the front of the foot. This stage in shoemaking (lasting up in general) is one that I find pretty exciting, as it is truly when you start to see the shoe take form. Although it may not look like it, lasting up actually requires a certain amount of strength or at least effort and persistence to get the leather in the shape that you desire without any creases. This is done by placing in upper in place and first tacking the first corners on. Pleats are then created while the leather is pulled and felt and pulled and felt until the finish is smooth and in the correct position. The lining up of the seams is also important in this stage of the process as if they ended up crooked or out of line it would be quite obvious. This process was done to both shoes and continually checked to make sure that they were both the same.


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