The step in the creation of my platform wedges was one that I had a certain amount of fear about; skiving the stiffeners (leather pieces that help keep the shape of the back piece of the shoe). When working on my red courts, I’d cut out, soaked and skived my stiffeners, however it wasn’t something that I’d found easy, in fact, it took me what seemed like hours to thin down the edges of these pieces of leather (and I only just spared my fingers). However, after cutting them out this time, soaking them in water and bringing out my skiving knife, I was very pleased to find the job much easier than the first time, taking me around 10-15 minutes. This was a huge relief, and I managed to only cut out a few unnecessary chunks and make one tiny little gash on my hand! I was also surprised to find the whole process quite therapeutic and enjoyable.
After adjusting them, the stiffeners were glued and pressed in between the back piece of the upper and the lining..


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