Insoles and coverings..

Insoles and coverings..

The next time I headed down to Heidi’s place it was time to start working on the insoles, so I set about ‘sanding to the line’ the ones that I had previously cut out. When Heidi suggested that I use foam on top of the insoles for extra comfort I was extremely keen. Although I am aiming for a ‘beautiful pair of shoes’ comfort is not something that I am willing to necessarily sacrifice for them, and luckily, in this instance, it was possible to keep both style and comfort. So I cut out two pieces of foam in the insole shape, glued the two together, sanding them to the same shape and slightly sloping the edges of the foam on the sander to avoid any kind of ‘bump or lump’ that could arise. Because these platform wedges are slightly open at the side, it was important at this stage to cover the edges that would be exposed in the final shoe. To do this, I cut out four pieces of the same upper leather that would slightly overlap the length that was needed, before skiving one long side of them and the two shorter ends. It was also necessary to cover the toe of the shoe, so I set about cutting out a slightly large piece of leather that would sit back from the front of the shoe on the insole till close to the balls of the foot. It was really important to then skive the straight side of this piece, as I’m sure you’ve all experienced at some point in time, the annoyance in walking in shoes that have fabric inside them bunching up. The skiving would allow for a better and smoother finish. Before glueing these pieces onto the insole, I used the sander to ‘rough up’ the sides that would be glued on, as this allows the glue to hold on better. I placed the now roughened up sides of the strips onto the sides of the shoes (where they would be seen) with the skived edge on the ‘up-side’ and glued them down before overlapping and glueing the covering toe piece.


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