Glueing, folding, banging and sewing the back pieces.

Glueing, folding, banging and sewing the back pieces.

By this stage in constructing the pieces of leather (the upper and lining) together in order to create a shoe I had found myself quite enjoying process and generally allowed it to be rather therapeutic. I started off with the four separate skived pieces of ‘back pieces’ of upper, glueing and folding the larger skived sides (leaving the smaller top pieces to be folded later) before I added strengthening tape. Then went on to sewing and taping the back pieces (which will be the part that holds the heel of my foot) together. This was done by first finding the two opposite pieces of upper, pressing the ‘good sides’ or the suede sides (which I will use) together and sewing a strong seam a few mm from the edge that would be invisible on the finished product. Then, the seam or ‘little flaps of leather’ were spread out and banged flat with a hammer, before I added strengthening tape. Once the tape was added, I did two seams a few mm from either side of the invisible seam which were important to get right because they not only held the tape in place and added strength, but also were to be a very obvious part of the finished shoe. It was then time to go through a similar process for the lining of these pieces of upper, however there was no need for them to be skived. Instead I just sewed the two good sides together and ended up with another ‘invisible seam’ before flattening and banging the left over leather out and pressing on strengthening tape. I then did two seams either side again, making sure they were neat as they would be seen from the inside of the shoe.


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