Folding, glueing and sewing the upper…

Folding, glueing and sewing the upper...

After skiving the leather pieces necessary to make my platform wedges, I went back down to Heidi’s place where I set about working on the next steps. The first thing I needed to do was fold and glue down the edges of the leather that would become the front part of the shoe (upper) that I had skived, and then add strengthening tape. I did the folding using the pattern that I had created so that any stretch that had happened during skiving could be noticed and the original measurement of the upper kept. After folding, I added the strengthening tape which helps to reduce stretch and keep the shape of the leather over time. I then put glue onto the tape and placed the upper onto the lining, leaving about 5mm around the top and bottom edges. The next thing to do was sew the upper and the lining together. I was slightly fearful of stuffing it up, however, luckily I was using the suede side of the leather and this meant that if I accidentally did some unsightly stitching I could unpick it and the holes wouldn’t be too obvious. After stitching the two about 2mm from the edge, I trimmed the lining to be slightly smaller and therefore less visible than the upper.


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