Skiving Progress…

IMG_0293After cutting out the upper and other pieces, Heidi sent me home to my beautifully sharp skiving knife to skive the edges where the leather would be folded. I was sightly nervous because although my knife was lovely and sharp, I could still easily slip and cut off either my finger or half of the piece of leather. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the progress I realised I’d made since my first attempt at skiving. That first time, and many of the other times in between had ended with blisters and cuts as well as chunks out of the parts of the leather. This time, on the other hand, was much better, and I found my self enjoying it. Before I knew it, all the pieces that needed skiving were skived. It had taken me a lot less time than I’d originally thought it would, and it was such a relief to see that I’d improved with both time and skill.


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