Leather decisions..

IMG_0288Deciding on a colour for my third pair shoes was something that initially freaked me out a little. Colour is incredibly important to me, however I often tend to lean towards the same ones, most often dark colours, such as deep reds and dark blues. At first I planned on using a bright colour to step out of my comfort zone and be slightly ‘wacky’ however, upon consideration I realised that I wanted these shoes to be wearable both at night and during the day, but I also wanted them to be individual. So, after making the patterns, it was time to actually decide on a colour for the shoes. As I’ve said in earlier posts, Heidi has a myriad of leathers in any colour you can possibly imagine, and this usually makes the task of deciding very hard! However, this once, I was lucky and found myself being able to make an easy decision on a kind of pastel-like, greeny colour (I find it hard to explain!), using the suede side of the leather. The lining was also easily decided on and this was caramel coloured. After making my decision, I traced the patterns onto the leather and cut them out.


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