Decisions and last building.

Decisions and last building.

After finally finishing my red court shoes, and having a few weeks of other shoe related journeys, last week I went back to Heidi’s place and started work on my next pair of shoes. I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to make a wedge at some point in my shoemaking journey, and thought I knew what I wanted, however now that it was time to actually make them, I had to make critical decisions about last shape and heel height. Firstly, we needed to measure my feet again after I forgot my measurements at home. But eventually, after re-measuring, and Heidi and I evaluating my dodgy shoe design drawings, we worked out what last I would use. I was very in love with the shape of the ‘Lure’ last, and we worked out that this would actually be a good option for the style of the shoe. So it was time to work out where build ups needed to be added for the shoes to actually fit my feet, and once glued on, they were sanded to shape.


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