Creating the Top piece (heel)

Creating the Top piece (heel)

Wednesday last week was the day I finally got to finish my Red court shoes. The first of the last steps in this process was the creation of the heel, or ‘top piece’ as shoemakers call it. Using the pattern I’d created a few weeks earlier, I set about tracing the shape onto two relatively strong and sturdy materials that would be long lasting and flexible at the same time. Next it was time to actually cut them out, and this was a lot harder than one might first realise. Heidi showed and directed me with tips on bending and weaning the materials until finally we were left with the basic shape of them. However, the edges were still extremely raw so I set about sanding the top piece as close to the drawn line as possible. The two were then glued together with two coats of contact glue and I sanded the edges once again so that they were the same.


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