Attaching the Heel

Attaching the Heel

It was now time to sand the bottoms of the heels flat, getting rid of any unwanted and bulky material. We also made sure that they were ‘roughed up’ so that the glue would actually stick when applied. The whole heel now needed to be sanded into a gradual slope, as well as hollowing out in accordance to the bottom of the shoe, the softer part of the heel, so that two would sit comfortably together when combined. This allows the shoe to sit slightly within the heel giving it a close fit. During this stage it was necessary to keep checking the heel height; a few seconds too long on the sander and the shoes could easily be dramatically changed in comfort and look.
Now it was time for the heel to be added to the shoe. Using two coats of glue, the top piece was stuck on and the whole shoe was put into the sole press, ultimately enclosing any gaps that may have been apparent.


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