Ideas, planning and skiving!

Ideas, planning and skiving!

Although I wasn’t able to head down to Heidi’s place last wednesday like I usually do, I decided that it was good spare time to do a few things I have been planning on, but haven’t had the time. The first one was thinking, organising and planning what I will be concentrating on this term for my project, however this was easier said than done! My biggest issue is finding the time to complete the ideas that I’d like to see come to life, however I am beginning to realise that this is not always possible.With my mum’s help i managed to achieve a relatively definite outline.
The second thing I concentrated on last wednesday was practicing skiving with my beautifully sharp knife! The last time I visited Heidi she took me through the steps of how to sharpen your knives well and to keep them sharp, as this noticeably making any kind of leatherwork job easier. In my last session I also acquired a Paris curve knife which is essentially used to ‘click’ leather. I attempted to use it, but again it was easier said than done, as it is essentially curved and therefore requires a different kind of technique.
So in order to practice skiving, I set out my piece of safety glass that my dad got for me and found some scraps of leather. Again I was amazed at the sharpness of my knife, and luckily managed to escape with only one little cut! Although the skiving isn’t even close to perfect, I did feel slightly satisfied with a hint of improvement!


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