Sky highs..what they do to you..

As the title of the video in the above link suggests, these are the oddest shoes I’ve ever seen. From a collaboration between artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg, a young women is shown walking in the oddly shaped shoes that create a punishing routine of bodily movements, unnatural and unusual for the body. These remind me of those sky high stilettos you see people tip toeing around in during a night out or at the office. The balancing act of making sure that your feet are positioned correctly before you put your foot on the ground, making a conscious decision to hold your arms in a position to support your fall, your weight. Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we wear shoes that punish us in every way? The worst part is the fact that half the time the shoes aren’t even attractive, aren’t well made, don’t even have the option of being able to be walked properly in, don’t do us justice. The saddest thing is the fact that many people wear these sky high stilettos to make them feel confident, tall, happy, but they end up doing the opposite. They end up with you either tottering along at the end of the night with aches and pains throughout your body, hanging on your hand while your feet try avoiding the grot all over the ground, or you with a broken ankle, arm, or back, and the heel snapped to top it all off, ruining your night, your day, and momentarily your life…


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