Decisions and the Shank..

Decisions and the Shank..

Yesterday was the first Wednesday project session of term 2. I headed down to Heidi’s place where I set about trying to finish my Red court shoes. I was slightly nervous because I knew I was going to have to try the shoes on again and see whether the adjustments made were successful. I slipped the shoes on, and luckily, my big toe no longer touched the end of the shoe. The arch area was still slightly baggy, however I made a decision to keep working on my shoes rather than taking another back step, which would mean re-adjusting the last, re-lasting the front and taking up more time than I have to spare. I came to conclude that they actually are my first pair of shoes, and because of that I couldn’t expect them to be even close to perfect. So I set about working on the next step, which was adding the shank. The shank is a sort of long, strong metal piece that sits no further forward than the widest part of the foot. It helps keep the shoe strong, but still allows for the natural bending that occurs when we walk. First I sanded the larger lumps of the leather along sole area and hit the shank until it was the right fitting for my shoe, as it was originally quite curved. Heidi showed me how to position it correctly, and then I glued it in to place.


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