Toe puffs and lasting the lining..

Toe puffs and lasting the lining..

The following week, it was time to last the lining and add the toe puffs. Toe puffs are similar to heel stiffeners in how they hold the shape of the shoe, but they also protect the toes. To last the lining, I used glue, allowed it to become tacky and then created ‘pleats’, again like the heel, making sure that it was smooth and taut. Most steps up until this point had been performed under Heidi’s supervision, however this one she left for me to do by myself. I freaked out a little, but once I’d done it and it turned out better than I’d thought I was quite happy!
Next it was time for the Toe puffs. These I struggled with a little, and one of them I had to do again. To apply the toe puffs, they must be heated up and then quickly applied and lasted in a similar manner to the lining and upper. However because they are quite hot, they are hard to handle, and go cool quite quickly, you must work fast and not make any mistakes to avoid doing it again. Again, like the lining, it was important to make sure all lumps and bumps were gone, considering that it was at the very front of the shoe.
In the end I was quite happy with the result.


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