Re-lasting the front of the shoe in accordance to the adjustments…

Although I don’t have a photo just yet (I forgot my camera!), just this past wednesday Heidi helped me to adjust my lasts. Bits and pieces were added and others slightly sanded off until in accordance to the measurements, the last seemed well adjusted. Then it was time to take apart the original lasted shoe. I was actually quite surprised at how hard this was, the glue had really done it’s job! But finally I managed to delicately, yet with enough force, pull the lining, toe puff and upper away from each other, making sure that the leather didn’t rip. The toe puff was the part that I found the hardest to see go, because it was such a struggle in the first place. After separating the three to about half way down the shoe, I put the shoe back onto the last and applied glue to the lining, allowed it to become tacky and then lasted it back on in a similar fashion. Next it was time for the dreaded toe puffs, but this time it wasn’t nearly as hard. The toe puffs that I used the second time round were much thinner and easier to use, and so luckily this time I only had to use two. I then applied a different kind of glue to the toe puff and brought the upper over it. Then, using the first kind of glue and making sure that the two didn’t mix (This creates a ‘non glue’), I lasted the upper once again. I have not yet tried on the shoes again, but I’ll report how it goes when I do! 


2 thoughts on “Re-lasting the front of the shoe in accordance to the adjustments…

  1. It is great to see your progress. I made several ill-fitting pairs years ago and am again going at it. What kind of bits of leather do you use to adjust your last–and do you glue the bits with Petronius?

    • Thanks Mina!
      To adjust the lasts we didn’t use leather, but Microcell. I’m not exactly sure what Petronius is (what is it?) but we used Contact glue…

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