Lasting the heel stiffener..

Lasting the heel stiffener..

Next, the skived heel stiffener was to be glued between the lining and the upper and lasted, to dry and stiffen in the correct shape. After positioning it correctly, I lasted it into shape, making sure that there were no creases or bumps around the heel and that it was all smooth. This is a process that I really enjoy, as it is when you can begin seeing the shoe actually come to life! At the very start, I seriously struggled with the tacks, as they seem so small and pernickety, and in a way, you need a certain amount of strength to push them in in the first place, but after awhile, you get the hang of it, and feel the satisfaction of hitting them into place and holding the leather correctly. The first step was to pull the front of the upper and lining over the last, and then to pull the heel down and to tack it on. Once in their final place, the upper, lining and heel stiffener were left to dry and take shape over the next week till my next wednesday session with Heidi.


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