Leather: It’s decisions and it’s threatening feeling..

Leather: It's decisions and it's threatening feeling..

After the lasts and patterns were created, a ‘mock up’ of my shoe to be was made. Once put together and tried on for size and style, I chose the leather that my court shoes would be made out of. After much deliberation and pondering over the lovely leathers that Heidi has, I decided on a dark burgundy style red. Not only do I love red because of it’s richness, vibrancy and power, I also realised that it was a convenient and practical colour because of it’s subtlety that allows it to go with almost anything. For the lining I decided on a dark chocolate brown suede. The colours, in my eyes, look great together. So I set about cutting out all of the pieces. Before it was time to start sewing, Heidi showed me how to skive the edges (the top line) of the upper using the skiving machine. The top line was then folded and a beaded edge was created. Then, under the close eye of Heidi, I stitched the two together, while also adding strengthening tape over the back seam. Sewing the two together, especially around the top line was one of the scariest things for me! This was because I knew that if I accidentally accelerated too hard, the machine, as it’s industrial, would go super fast and I, and my amateur sewing skills wouldn’t be able to keep the sewing line even or straight. This scared me, mostly because once leather has been sewn like that, the holes will be visible if you decide you must start again, and as it’s the most visible part of the shoes, there wasn’t much room for mistakes.. Luckily, I managed to keep it at a steady pace, and experienced a light feeling of elation when it turned out relatively evenly..


4 thoughts on “Leather: It’s decisions and it’s threatening feeling..

        • I’ve done sewing on a normal machine before, starting off with paper and then fabric, but I think it was the first time I had properly used an industrial.. I seem to have a bit more of a hang of it now, but the more practice the better!

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