Lasts and patterns…

Lasts and patterns...

The next pair of shoes I decided to make are a pair of dark red Court shoes (flats). For these I had a general idea of what I wanted, and from that, Heidi took me through the steps of Pattern making, something that I have not yet really grasped or fully understood. A court shoe, unlike the sandal, requires a last (a mould of the foot on which to create the shoe) and so therefore it was necessary to adapt one to fit my measurements, something that also takes a lot of time and practice to master.
Bits and pieces were added to the last and sanded smooth for it to be as similar to my foot as possible, while at the same time striving to have keep nice shape.


4 thoughts on “Lasts and patterns…

    • Yes it wasn’t a problem. Sometimes I had to be slightly careful not to sand too much off, however I found that if you keep an eye out and keep checking them against the pattern it shouldn’t be a problem! Are you also an amateur shoemaker?

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